Asphalt Maintenance Checklist for the Autumn Season

autunm checklist

One thing about living in Ontario is that we get to experience the change of seasons. For those of you who manage commercial properties, the change of weather means you need to think about how your maintenance will be affected. Asphalt maintenance in autumn is important and is something Lincoln Construction Group can help you prepare.
Parking Lot Maintenance Checklist

Autumn asphalt maintenance in Toronto for commercial property owners needs to start now. If you’re wondering what needs to be done, there’s a simple checklist you can follow.

Asphalt Service Inspection

This is simply assessing the condition of your asphalt surface to determine how much repair will be necessary going into the fall and eventual winter season.

Water Pooling Evaluation

Summer rains give commercial property owners a good indication of the water pooling situation. Manual tests can also be done. Pooling has a significant impact on the health of your surface so this evaluation is key to your asphalt maintenance.

Seasonal Aesthetics Evaluation

You definitely care about what your parking lot and the rest of your commercial property surface looks like. Having your surface evaluated for its aesthetics shows your clients and visitors that you care.

General Upkeep and Repair

What are the general problems facing your asphalt surface? Cracks, potholes, or faded line marking are just a few of the issues that potentially need repair for the autumn.

Pavement Maintenance in Toronto

Our goal at Lincoln Construction Group is to help get the surface of your commercial property prepared for autumn. There are some naturally occurring effects that comes with the change of the weather. We know how to locate any potential issues, then take the necessary preventative measures so your commercial property is ready for the season.

We’ve briefly mentioned some of the general issues that may arise. Cracks and potholes are dangerous to your visitors and damage the aesthetics of your asphalt. Cars and pedestrians need to feel safe moving back and forth on your property. They also expect that your asphalt surface display a certain quality, and that is not possible when it’s in poor condition.

Faded line marking is also a problem. Especially for bigger commercial parking lots, line marking is what guides both drivers and pedestrians. It keeps everyone in order and promotes safety which is why linemarkings need to be clear at all times.

Lincoln Construction Group wants to help maintain your commercial property surface this fall. Whether it’s by providing asphalt maintenance in Scarborough, Toronto, or anywhere else across Southern Ontario, we are ready to do what it takes so your surface is safe and aesthetically pleasing. With close to 40 years of experience and having worked with some of the largest property managers in the City of Toronto, we are confident in our ability to address any issue your property may be having. With fall just around the corner, call us at (416) 675-7283to repair your parking lot. We guarantee a reply in 30 minutes or less.