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Asphalt Repair & Maintenance Toronto, GTA

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Lincoln Construction Group offers its asphalt repair services in Toronto year-round. That means 24-hour pothole repair and paving services, asphalt sealing, line painting, and anything else associated with asphalt work.


The first step in caring for your newly installed surface is sealcoating. Sealcoating protects the surface from wear and deterioration, extending its lifespan and maintaining its aesthetic. In addition to the visual appeal, sealcoating also guards your surface from damaging weather conditions and frequent traffic. What’s more, the use of sealcoating means less maintenance and protection from the sun and spills from gas and other harmful toxins.

Asphalt Crack Repair

Inclement and changing weather is just one of the reasons asphalt surfaces will crack. The freeze/thaw cycle from winter till spring and oxidation from the sun are some obvious challenges any commercial property owner in Toronto must consider.

The crack repair we offer at Lincoln Construction Group will ensure the surface of your property is always safe and well taken care of. The sealant we use to repair cracks seals the surface from any debris or water buildup. It is by no means a permanent solution, but crack repair in this manner can help keep your parking lot or property maintained through major repairs, as well as save money, decrease the oxidation rate, and elevate the appearance of the surface.

Infrared Repair

Infrared asphalt repair involves heating the asphalt to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and mixing in fresh asphalt to mend any damaged areas. No cutting out of the surface is required and there are no signs of the repair left once the job is completed. Additional advantages of infrared repair include using fewer materials in the repair, time and cost savings, and a quicker recovery time, with the surface being usable again almost immediately.

Line Marking

This is an essential and necessary aspect to parking lot maintenance. Lincoln Construction Group can create both standard and decorative line marks within your parking lot or on featured areas of your property. Whether you need your lines repainted or completely new lines, we are here to help get the job done. For more information, visit our web site or contact us at your earliest convenience.

For more information about our asphalt maintenance services in Toronto, contact us at (416) 675-7283 or

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