What Are the Benefits of Asphalt Paving Compared to Concrete Paving

asphalt paving TorontoThe finish on commercial properties is usually done with one of two materials: asphalt or concrete. Both serve a purpose and offer different advantages, but using asphalt instead of concrete has major benefits. We’ll explore some of these benefits in detail below.

Benefits of Asphalt Paving Over Concrete Pavements

Asphalt paving in Toronto is a serious matter. The seasonal weather conditions in the city are distinct and present unique climatic challenges for commercial surfaces. It’s important to know why using asphalt is more advantageous than concrete, particularly in cities with climates similar to Toronto.


It’s been noted that asphalt can cost anywhere from 30% to 40% less compared to concrete pavement. Those are significant savings that can’t be ignored.


Flaking or cracking is not as much an issue with asphalt surfaces. With concrete, these are ongoing issues that need to be handled consistently. There is also less concern for how well the asphalt surface is laid because there is less mixing involved in the preparation.


You can expect to use your new asphalt surface within 2-4 days of it being laid. During the spring and fall, the number is closer to 2 days as the cool weather cures the surface faster. Hot summer days means the surface takes a bit longer. Concrete takes up to 7 days to harden.

Installation Speed:

The size of the lot obviously plays a big role; however, on average, asphalt can be installed twice as quickly as concrete.

Spalling and Cracking:

There is considerably less spalling in asphalt as there is in concrete. This can happen if the concrete is not mixed or installed properly, or from salt being on the surface. Asphalt has a stronger tolerance against spalling.

Repair and Maintenance:

The lower cost of material makes asphalt generally less expensive to repair than concrete. Sealing cracks is also an option available at lower costs with asphalt.


Since asphalt can be repaired easier than concrete and because it lasts longer in its original condition, it is actually a safer option for drivers and pedestrians.

Weather Effect:

One unique benefit of asphalt is that its black colour absorbs the sun’s heat much more efficiently than concrete. This means snow melts faster, which cuts back on the amount of maintenance work that needs to be done.


One great thing about asphalt is that it is 100% recyclable. It doesn’t take up space in landfills and is not harmful to the environment.

Choose Lincoln Construction Group for Your Asphalt Paving

Although both asphalt and concrete are great materials to use when paving a commercial property, there are several key benefits of using asphalt over concrete. At Lincoln Construction Group, we’ve done asphalt paving for some of the largest and most reputable companies in Toronto and the GTA. To learn more about our asphalt paving services, contact Lincoln Construction Group now and we’ll answer any questions you may have about paving your commercial property.