Catch Basin Problems Toronto and How to Identify the Issues

Catch Basin RepairMany people may not know what a catch basin is. That’s to be expected, as a catch basin isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind when talking about a commercial property. But compared to other parts, such as a ventilation system, maintaining a catch basin is equally, if not more, important and should be given the same attention.

A catch basin is located in an area where you want water to be directed to. Catch basins in Toronto are usually set up in the same or similar fashion regardless of the property, though there might be some small variations. Catch basin problems happen when they become clogged or the interior structure is broken down, which can lead to water and fluid spilling onto your parking lot or driveway and, depending on the severity, into your property.

Catch Basin Problems in Parking Lots

There have been instances in Toronto where flooding has been a major issue. Catch basin problems are a big problem and steps should be taken to maintain and repair when you notice any changes around it. Toronto is in the process of making city-wide improvements to sewer systems and catch basin installation, which should cut back on the number of floods once it’s complete. As property managers, maintaining and fixing catch basin problems when they arise is also a good way to do your part to prevent future flooding.

How to Identify Issues with Catch Basins

The first step to fixing any problem is being able to recognize signs of when an issue is occurring or is about to occur. This is difficult for someone who is not trained, which is why it’s necessary to have a drainage professional perform regular maintenance.

When visually inspecting a catch basin, look for the following signs that a catch basin may need replacement:

  • Hole :

    If there is a hole by the catch basin, this could be a sign of a broken pipe, broken concrete modulocs or stone washing through.

  • Raised :

    A raised catch basin could cause problems with drainage and with safety while snow plowing.

  • Water pooling:

    If water sits at the surface of the catch basin, it could mean that it is plugged and needs to be cleaned out. Meanwhile if water is sitting in front of the catch basin and not going to it, this could indicate that the grade is incorrect and the area needs to be regraded for proper slope.

A qualified sewer and watermain professional will be able to identify potential issues with pipes in your business or on your property. Our team at Lincoln Construction Group will be able to design or redesign your draining system, ensuring it is strong enough and durable enough to withstand any harsh weather or other potential problems.

Catch basins play a vital role in the city’s plumbing infrastructure. They must be able to properly filter storm water into the sewer or through the appropriate watershed. A healthy, working catch basin prevents flooding and contamination, but it must also be serviced before it gets too backed up to remain effective.

Tips for Catch Basin Repairs

There are steps we take at Lincoln Construction Group to help repair any problems with a catch basin. Some of the most popular are:

  • Use strong hydraulic concrete around the drain pipe.
  • Do not use materials like interlocking brick to repair catch basin. Instead, use something like steel reinforced concrete.
  • Saw cut the asphalt area and dispose offsite.
  • Remove and replace any broken concrete modulocs.
  • Use ¾ clear gravel around the catch basin for best compaction.
  • Lay a base and finish layer of asphalt around the catch basin.
  • Use the right equipment to compact the asphalt into place.

If you notice your area is flooding regularly during rain storms, or if there is damage to either your landscaping or the concrete close to the catch basin outside, then that is likely a sign that it needs to be cleaned. In these instances, it’s important to contact a professional.

Lincoln Construction Group is built to fix any flooding problems your business or commercial property may be experiencing, including catch basin repairs in Toronto. We serve any property across the GTA and as far out as Sarnia, Trenton, Orillia and the Niagara Region.

With close to 40 years of experience and having worked with some of the largest property managers in the City of Toronto, we are confident in our ability to address any issue your property may be having with its catch basin. Call us at (416) 675-7283 if you’ve noticed any of the catch basin problems we’ve discussed. We guarantee a reply in 30 minutes or less.