Concrete Repair and Reconstruction for Commercial Infrastructure

Leveling concrete with trowels, mason hands spreading poured concrete. Selective focus.

You may be looking at your concrete surface and wondering if it’s time to give it a makeover. And while you may decide that it’s not quite time for a full removal, some concrete repair and reconstruction could go a long way in making your property look and function as good and new. And concrete reconstruction in areas with sharply changing weather is more advisable, especially if your concrete surface is dirty, cracked, or stained.


Concrete Repair

If you have surfaces on your commercial property that are falling apart or cracked at different sections, then repairing it becomes the most viable option. Lincoln Construction Group has the tools and the know-how to do the concrete work for you and extend the life of your concrete surface. This means you can improve the aesthetic of your property without having to do a full removal and installation of a new surface.

A good concrete repair can be much more valuable than you think. Reconstruction and repairs help prevent any leaking issues and add layers of sealants to specified areas. It can also improve on the stability of the building’s foundation with just a repair. You can’t prevent your building from aging, which means you can’t predict when and where cracks will show up, but handling those problems with some concrete repair work saves dollars down the line and maintains the appearance and safety of your commercial property.

Need of Concrete Repair

As strong as concrete is, it will eventually need some repair from the wear and tear it deals with on a daily basis. There are several reasons your concrete will eventually need some attention. Some of those include the following:

  • Freeze/Thaw Cycle:

    If and when water seeps through the surface during the warm months, that water expands and causes damage to the concrete once the cold months begin. The concrete is broken down into sand, its aggregate, and cement.

  • Corrosion:

    Often what happens is that concrete is reinforced with a reinforcing bar, or “rebar”. Unfortunately, rebar begins to corrode if overexposed to carbon dioxide and other carbon chlorides. Once rebar begins corroding, it takes the concrete with it.

  • Cavitation/Abrasion:

    Abrasions occur mainly due to the damage done by water over a long period of time. Sometimes, abrasion is the result of the wear from frequent heavy machinery.

Concrete Reconstruction

Any commercial property owner should have their building regularly inspected for any instances of cracking, leaking, or any other structural problem which also includes the concrete. Although these may seem like minor issues, if left unattended, cracks and leaks can lead to severe long-term problems for your commercial property. And when you’re responsible for so many people, you should intervene as early as possible to prevent any safety issues.

Lincoln Construction Group has so much experience in this field. We’ve been doing concrete reconstruction in Toronto and across Ontario for decades and have helped many commercial property owners maintain the look and safety of the concrete around their property, and we can do the same for you. Contact us now for a free estimate and consultation.