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Concrete Services at Lincoln Construction Group

Lincoln Construction Group offers several commercial concrete services. We have a history of doing site work with some of the most reputable developers in Canada. The concrete work we do is done to our standards, completed on time, and is durable enough to last as long as it is meant to.

Curb and Gutter Extruding

We use a process for curb and gutter extrusion that allows us to grade, place, and finish cement at a fast pace. We’ve done this many times for clients with large parking lots or even golf courses, and have had success in getting the job done on time and in great condition.


Curbing is done when property owners want to stray from having to constantly replace landscape edging that’s gone rusty. It’s possible for us as contractors to mix the concrete on-site and create custom patterns to match the landscaping. The concrete is also durable enough to last as long as your property lasts, assuming you are doing the things to care for the concrete.

Dumpster Pads

Metal dumpsters bring a lot of force down on pavements, which is why concrete paving is the best solution for dumpster pads. It’s stronger than asphalt and won’t dent with the force of the dumpsters. Concrete is also less prone to damage from leaky garbage trucks. Oil and other liquids won’t impact the surface as much as it would a different material.

Dolly Pads

At commercial loading docks, dolly pads are responsible for protecting the foundation of where semi-trailer landing gear is dropped. We find that concrete is the best material for this job, as installation is simple and relatively inexpensive.


In addition to being one of the more functional aspects of your commercial property, sidewalks can be made to have aesthetic appeal as well. Concrete sidewalks are durable and often in plain site of all your visitors. It’s important that sidewalks be maintained both for look, safety and accessibility for residents and guests.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are what’s used to retain soil or backfill as it’s sometimes called. Many different materials can be used to build these retaining walls, but concrete is one of the more popular for its stability. Lincoln Construction Group focuses on making sure the installation is done to last, regardless of the material used.

Poured Concrete

Usually this is the first step to starting construction on any commercial building. Poured concrete represents the foundation for your property, so it is vital that this is handled by professionals who are more than capable of ensuring this step is done right. We know how important poured concrete foundation is to the construction of whatever comes on top of it. Our clients have trusted us on many occasions to make this work.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is popular among homeowners, but it has significance with commercial property owners as well. Stamped concrete mimics other materials such as tile and possibly even wood and it is used in outdoor settings.

Coloured Concrete

Coloured concrete is exactly as it sounds. It adds character to your commercial property when correctly used in sections. It is cement based, which means it’s durable enough to last, and it still offers a unique look that gives your property a different kind of appeal.

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Concrete Work in Toronto

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