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Hiring a Paving Contractor in the GTA - Lincoln Construction Group of Companies
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Hiring a Paving Contractor in the GTA

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Lincoln Construction Group knows how important it is for businesses to hire the right paving contractors in the GTA. Many promise quality work, but how many can actually consistently deliver on that promise? We at Lincoln Construction Group are confident in our work and have a track record that speaks for itself.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Paving Contractor

Like we mentioned, hiring the proper paving contractor should be done carefully; after all, a bad paving job means you’ll have to spend more money much sooner to have it done again. With that, here are some points to consider before making any final decisions.

Insurance Coverage :

Cheaper is not better in this circumstance. If something goes wrong on your commercial property, you want to ensure as much, if not all, of the damages are covered. Ask your contractor what kind of insurance coverage they have to determine if it is suitable for your property.

Material Selection :

Generally speaking, the higher percentage of recycled material that makes up the asphalt, the lower the quality. You want to ask for a higher grade of asphalt so the surface looks better and lasts longer.

Sufficient Workers :

You should expect anywhere from five to eight workers to be working on your project. Anything significantly lower than that can affect completion dates and cause setbacks.

Experience and Qualifications :

Ask them to list their prior experience in paving asphalt. What was the size and scope of those projects? Also ask what kind of machines they will be using. This will give an indication of their capabilities in managing your paving project.

Payment Methods :

In most instances, only contracts over $10,000 should require a deposit. Most established contractors have lines of credits with suppliers and should not require payment till the job is completed.

Some More Questions to Ask Your Paving Contractor

As if we didn’t give you enough to inquire about, there’s a few more questions you should be asking your pavers before they begin working. You want to know how long they anticipate the job will take. Experienced paving companies will be able to accurately assess the length of each project to a fairly precise estimate.

You should also ask whether the estimate given for the project is a fixed price, and if it’s not, then what variables will cause the price to change. You want to avoid as many surprises as possible, so this is actually a key question to be asking.

Why Lincoln Construction Group

There are plenty of reasons to consider Lincoln Construction Group. Having been in business since 1977, it shows our experience and our perseverance in being able to maintain a successful company for that many years. We’ve also worked with some of the most notable organizations in the business, including RioCan and SmartCentres. That means you can trust us to get your project done right and completed on time with an end product that lasts. Contact us today at (416) 675-7283 or to learn more about our services.