Why It’s Important to Clean Your Parking Lot in the Spring

DCIM100MEDIADJI_0097.JPGEmpty parking lots, aerial view.While parking lot inspection and maintenance are important throughout the year, it’s particularly vital in the spring. The pavement has been covered in snow and ice that’s thawed and re-frozen multiple times, so it might need a little TLC after the spring snow melt. Cleaning your parking lot in the spring will help you take note of any possible damage that may have occurred—catching and correcting minor damages will also help you avoid major reparations in the future.

Why Clean Your Parking Lot in the Spring?

After going through the stress of cold weather and constant precipitation, your parking lot may look a little rough. Over time, the pavement can break down because of the continued freezing and thawing it endures over the winter season. When spring finally rolls around, inspect your parking lot for cracks and potholes that may have formed.

The pavement isn’t the only thing that winter precipitation takes a toll on; drains and catch basins can also get clogged with the debris that have been freed by melting snow. Branches and leaves often get clogged in these areas and can cause a new array of problems. Since drains and catch basins should be cleaned out once a year anyways, springtime is a good opportunity to do just that.

Inspecting the condition of your parking lot in the spring can also help you identify any areas that don’t have proper drainage. Any spots that pool excess water will break down before level surfaces and ultimately decrease the life expectancy of your parking lot. By performing regular maintenance and cleaning your parking lot in the spring, you can avoid the expense of major repairs. Not to mention, a clean and attractive parking lot can add some curb appeal to your business.

Parking Lot Cleaning Tips

As you’ve probably realized, keeping your parking lot in good shape can save you from a world of pricey troubles down the line. Here are a few tips that will give you an idea of the main bases that need to be covered when doing some of your own parking lot cleaning.

Seal coating your pavement from the get-go will protect it from oil, antifreeze, and pollution, preventing these from adhering to the surface of your parking lot and keeping your lot nice and spotless. Another step you can take to prevent staining is periodic pressure washing to get anything off that does happen to stick to the pavement. When conducting your springtime parking lot inspection, keep note of any cracks you see and be sure to seal them as soon as possible. This will prevent moisture from further seeping into the pavement and will work to prolong the life of your lot.

The most important step in caring for your parking lot is to hire a team of professionals you can trust. Lincoln Construction Group has over 40 years of unparalleled experience in asphalt and paving services and will take the guesswork out of all your maintenance needs. Specializing in parking lot reconstruction and pothole repair, you can trust that we’ll be able to get your lot up to par in no time. Contact us today to get a free consultation