Maintenance Tips for Concrete Parking Lots This Winter

winter concrete maineteance

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We’re about to get into the true start of winter. Commercial property owners know this time of year means they need to keep up to date with their concrete parking lot maintenance. The wear and tear of winter weather combined with the automobile traffic and de-icers make for a tough few months.

Maintenance has become something commercial property owners have become accustomed to this time of year. And if you are new to the game, then get used to the attention your concrete parking lots will need during the winter season. Here are a few concrete parking lot tips from Lincoln Construction to keep your lot in good shape.

Use a Perfect Concrete Sealer

Being in Canada and having to deal with changing seasons, your concrete goes through something called the freeze/thaw cycle. This contributes to the early deterioration of your commercial property if not treated properly. A concrete sealer makes sure that your concrete is protected from the damage this cycle can cause. It should be used throughout the duration of the winter.

Keep Concrete Clean

You’d be surprised how much of a difference cleaning the concrete on your commercial property can make. Washing of excess dirt, fertilizer buildup, salt, and other stains is an important step to maintaining your concrete through winter.

Use a De-Icer

We live in a time now where there are a sufficient amount of eco-alternatives when it comes to de-icing your commercial property. De-icing with salt and other harmful substances has a lasting negative impact on your concrete and the environment. Use de-icing products that don’t contain any harmful chemicals and that are not harmful to the environment.

Repair Cracks

Small cracks may not initially appear to be a big problem, but leave them to fester and they can cause huge problems for your concrete. These small cracks can quickly grow to be potholes, and potholes are certainly a more noticeable hazard. Cracks are much easier to maintain while potholes take a lot more work.

Clean and Reapply Sealer

As we mentioned, cleaning is something that needs to be done more than once throughout the year. Applying sealant requires a similar routine. In most instances, it’s not necessary to apply sealants every year—once every two or three years should be enough.

Remove Stains Immediately

Don’t wait for stains to sink deep into your concrete. Cleaning stains right away saves you from having to use pressurized water treatments to remove these stains. Sealant is effective at not allowing stains to get into the concrete, but it doesn’t negate the fact that stains should be cleaned as quickly as possible.

Hire Professional Services

Taking on the challenge of cleaning your own commercial property is not something any owner should consider. Parking lots are large and keeping them maintained requires the experience and expertise of professionals.

Lincoln Construction Group has been in business since 1977. We work with some of the most recognized commercial developers in the country. If you need help preparing your commercial property for the winter, call Lincoln Construction today at (416) 6757283