Pavement Maintenance Solutions for Hospitals and Healthcare Centres

pavement maintenance solutions TorontoProperty managers for hospital buildings have a tough job since hospitals are typically large and serve many functions. Not only do patients need to be safe within the building, but patients, staff, and visitors must also be accounted for. What makes paving solutions somewhat challenging is considering the fact that there are several designated areas. Staff and visitor parking lots and areas for patients to be transported are some of the challenges facing property managers.

Property managers looking for pavement maintenance solutions in Toronto know they need a company that can deliver on all fronts. There’s far too much at risk to work with incompetent contractors. Safety needs to be guaranteed the moment a patient or anyone else pulls up on the property, and taking preventative actions through effective commercial pavement repair is what Lincoln Construction Group can offer.

Common Pavement Problems at Hospitals

The pavement maintenance problems in hospitals are similar to those in other commercial properties. Heavy traffic and faded lines are some of the issues facing property managers. Line marking is especially crucial because of the specific patient/visitor designations for vehicles. Poorly marked lines can cause emergency vehicles to waste time loading or unloading patients, and when it comes to health, every moment counts.

Benefits of Pavement Maintenance for Hospitals and Healthcare Centres


For someone like an ambulatory care worker, there should be a smooth, uninterrupted ride into and out of the hospital. Potholes, cracks in the pavement, or poor line marking shouldn’t be a concern. The safety of already vulnerable individuals is at stake, which makes it that much more important for hospitals and their property owners to make sure the pavements are properly maintained.

Cost Effective

Keeping track of all the maintenance needs of a property is crucial to cost-effective maintenance. Allowing a small crack to turn into a pothole will cost the property owners more money to fix. Finding potential problem spots early and fixing small pavement problems quickly will save dollars in the long run.

Economically Friendly

Lincoln Construction Group understands that hospitals and their staff are more sensitive to their impact on the environment. We intend to leave as small a carbon footprint as we can when working on your property. We also ensure that we clean up our work areas well so there is no excess pollution after we’ve completed the work.

Better Experience

Hospitals offer a service, and like every other business, they care about the entire consumer experience. Of course, patients and visitors aren’t exactly consumers, but you can bet they are judging your service from the moment they set foot on hospital grounds. So, part of creating a valuable experience begins with the drive into the hospital. That’s where Lincoln Construction Group can do its part.

Pavement Maintenance Solutions for Toronto

Lincoln Construction Group has worked with some well-known property owners. They trust us because we’ve proven we can deliver and we’ve been delivering since 1977. We have the right mix of experience with some really hardworking and skilled workers. If you are a commercial property owner looking for pavement maintenance or pavement installation in Toronto or Southern Ontario, contact us now.