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We at Lincoln Construction Group work with developers and commercial property owners all across the GTA. We work hard to be considered one of the top paving contractors in Mississauga, Toronto, and throughout Southern Ontario.

At Lincoln Construction Group, we’ve earned our reputation in the four decades of working on commercial properties. We’ve completed paving projects in Mississauga and across the GTA for some of the top commercial property owners in the country.

Commercial and Industrial Paving in Mississauga

Commercial and industrial paving takes a lot of work. Before we even rev up the machinery, there’s a fair bit of planning that needs to get done. Preparing in the right way helps the job be completed quickly as well as with little to no problem.  This involves a full assessment so we can determine what kind of paving services your commercial property will need in order to look its best and to be safe for your visitors.

From there, we will determine what level of paving your commercial property requires. Our assessment also gives you the total cost of the project without any hidden fees. This way we can figure out how to work within your budget to deliver the very best service possible.

Some of the commercial paving services that can be offered from Lincoln Construction include:

●Project Planning
●Excavation and Grading
●New Asphalt Construction
●Asphalt Removal and Replacement
●Asphalt Resurfacing
●Full-Depth Asphalt Pulverization
●Heavy Compaction

Why We Are One of the Top Paving Contractors in Mississauga

Lincoln Construction Group has been a leading commercial paving, concrete, and landscaping company since 1977. Our focus has been to bring technical excellence, attention to safety on work sites, and on-time on budget completion of our projects.

We have always prided ourselves on putting safety first. When we take on any commercial paving in Mississauga or anywhere else in the GTA, our clients know that our employees have been well trained and know how to apply their training to make sure everyone on the site is safe.

Our history of working with some of the top commercial property owners and developers has earned us a positive reputation across Ontario. Our clients recognize the quality of work they will receive and know that the work will be completed on time and within their budgets.

Whether it’s paving and asphalt, concrete maintenance, or even commercial landscaping, Lincoln Construction Group has the experience and the team to do it all. For more information about our asphalt paving services in Mississauga, contact us at (416)-675-7283