How to Repair Parking Lots after the Winter Thaw

parking lot repair TorontoAlthough some would argue that the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) didn’t have much of a traditional winter this year, the fact remains that it was still winter. That means cold weather—and cold weather can cause severe damage to asphalt surfaces which can worsen if not repaired. Mild winter or not, parking lot repair for property owners in Toronto should be a top priority as spring approaches. Not only is it your duty to maintain a safe parking lot area, but your parking lot is often the first impression customers will have about your location or business.

Spot the Problem Areas in Parking Lots

The first step to fixing any problem is being able to identify where those problems exist. When it comes to your parking lot, there are some clear tell-tale signs that can indicate that your asphalt needs work.

Cracks in the Surface:

It’s best to attend to any cracks in the asphalt quickly before the next winter season comes along. A simple half-inch crack can expand to become a pothole quicker than you may think. Fix them early to avoid the bigger headache.

Water Pooling:

Inspecting the surface of your asphalt for puddles after a rainfall is another indicator of potential problems. This could indicate that the asphalt has deformed or that your catch basins may not be draining properly due to a blockage.

Broken Curbs:

Check all curbs for damages that may have incurred from snow removal equipment. Broken curbs will need to be repaired as soon as possible.

Tips to Repair Your Parking Lot after the Winter Thaw

There are several ways to go about ensuring your parking lot remains safe after the freeze thaw cycle that is typical for this time of year.

1.Assessing the Damage: You can’t fix the damage without knowing the extent of the repairs. This will require you to inspect the parking lot end-to-end. Look for any new cracks or breaks in the asphalt, along with any areas where the sealcoat protection has been damaged. Snap some pictures to help you remember the location and number of all the problem areas.

2.Repairing the Asphalt: You’ll need to replace any areas of your asphalt that have been severely cracked or have potholes. Installing the new asphalt in these areas is the next step, and shouldn’t take more than two lifts to be completed.

3.Sealing Cracks: Any small cracks need to be sealed immediately to avoid water from penetrating the surface. Using a hot, rubberized system will usually do the trick and help prolong the lifespan of your parking lot.

Early spring is the best time to tackle any parking lot repairs in Toronto. Crack sealers work best at temperatures between 10-30 degrees Celsius, which is pretty reasonable for Toronto spring temperatures.

Lincoln Construction Group is equipped to repair a variety of parking lot problems, from crack sealing to catch basin repairs in Toronto. We serve any property across the GTA and as far out as Sarnia, Trenton, Orillia and the Niagara Region.

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