Snow Plowing Tips and Techniques for This Winter

Snow Plowing Etobicoke, GTA

Plowing snow may seem an easy and enjoyable task if it’s done right. It is usually suggestible to practice snow plowing having a depth of 4-6 inches if done by hand. If it has exceeded 6 inches, hiring a snow plowing service is a better option. Snow plowing services are well experienced in removing snow and take care of all necessary aspects such as disposing of the snow, maintaining the terrain and changing techniques for every area.




There are many aspects to be taken care of while snow plowing.

-Always stack and dispose of snow piles according to legal regulations

-Always use retainer brackets while transporting snow plowing blades

-Place the blades un-angled while piling up the snow

-Analyze the terrain before beginning to plow

Snow plowing during the storm is easy than later when the snow might have frozen tight

Techniques Followed by Professional Services for Snow Plowing at different situations

Step Clearing

This technique is used when the snow has built up deep and it is hard to plow. Here to avoid overloading the plow blades, layered clearing is used. This way step by step the snow is plowed beginning from the top 5-6 inches and gradually clearing the area with two to three repetitive passes.

Back Dragging

This is a great technique when snow plowing has to be done against a wall. Here the blades are placed facing downward and the snow is pulled towards the vehicle away from the wall. It enables accessing corners using snow plowing vehicles with ease.


Removed snow also needs to be piled up conveniently to either be salted or carried away later. For this, the freshly gathered pile is to be pushed beside the old hardened pile and not over it. This allows easy transfer in case of loading. There is a huge difference between professional piling and regular piling.

Snow plowing is best finished only by professionals and is the best option in case of staging a property.