Things to Know When Hiring a Snow Removal Company

Snow plow clearing streets during a blizzard

We’ve entered into autumn, and if you live anywhere in Ontario, you know that means winter-and snow-will soon follow. For commercial property owners, it’s time to start thinking about which company will be best to carry out your winter maintenance.

This is not a decision that should be made lightly. The safety of your guests and workers depends on the quality of snow removal or salting services being provided. Not only do you need a winter maintenance company that is competent at what they do, but it must also be dependable for the unpredictable Canadian winters.

Here are a few suggestions on what you should know before hiring a partner for your commercial property winter maintenance.

Ask for a Quote and Check Packages

Cost will always be a factor, so make sure you get a quote for all the services you’ll need before committing. Have them see your location so they can provide an accurate quote, and don’t be afraid to press them for alternate package options. You want the best deal for your property.

Specify the Needs

The type of winter maintenance you want for your property won’t be identical to what other property managers may need for their locations. When speaking to companies about winter maintenance, be very specific in what services you want them to provide. Also, it’s important to specify your location’s specs and geography. Is your commercial property flat or on a hill? Are there trees surrounding the property? What is the exact size? All of these things and more are what will go into helping a snow removal company decipher the scope of services required.

Ask for a Written Contract

Contracts are crucial. Be sure to get the contract written out so you can be certain all of the agreed-upon services are included. It’s also important that the contract contains a contingency plan for any emergencies or extreme weather. You want to be covered should anything happen, and you want to know exactly what that process will be.
Schedule Your Payment Method

You should determine upfront when payments will be made and for what duration. This should include if there are any additional charges for emergency snow removal services.

Ask Questions

Seems simple enough, but you’d be surprised how many property owners don’t ask the right questions or enough questions at all. Winters in Ontario can be harsh, so when deciding on a commercial snow removal company, you need to be just as rigorous in your line of questioning. You want to feel confident that your property is prepared for anything.

Check Reviews

An easy way to assess the quality of a company is to read reviews. A simple online search should bring up some commentary on the quality of service; sometimes there are even testimonials right on the company’s web site. It’s also not a bad idea to get in touch with commercial property managers who previously hired the company you’re considering. Ask them directly so you get an honest overview of their experience.

Lincoln Construction Group is has done winter maintenance for several commercial properties across the GTA. We are an experienced team of workers who are dependable and able to handle rigors of the Canadian winters. With snowfall just around the corner, contact us right away for a consultation and free estimate.