Is It Time to Repave Your Commercial Parking Lot?

parking lot maintenanceIf you’ve done a good job the first time around with installing your commercial parking lot, then it should have a fairly long lifespan. That doesn’t mean that maintenance won’t be necessary. No matter how durable your parking lot, there will come a time when you’ll need to do some touching up.

The key is to see the signs and know when your parking lot needs maintenance. Catching the deficiencies early can save time, money, and prevent any further damage that would require heavy repairs.

So, when does a parking lot need to be repaved? There are some obvious signs like potholes, and some more subtle ones like faded line marking. We’ll discuss some clear indicators that let you know it’s about that time for a parking lot repaving.


When Does a Parking Lot Need Repair?

Once you know what to look for, it’s rather simple to tell when your commercial parking lot needs some repair.


Whether it’s shrinkage, alligatoring, widening, or cracking edges, any kind of cracking can be harmful to your parking lot. Don’t let any sizes or any types of cracking go untreated. Even minute cracks left unpaved can lead to serious damage.


Mixed rutting and subgrade rutting are the two problems you need to watch out for. The difference is that mix rutting shows up as wheel paths on the surface and is a result of compaction or mix design problems. Subgrade rutting is caused by loading and displays wheel paths on the subgrade rather than the surface.


You can tell your parking lots have divots if there are certain areas that pool water after a rainfall. Heavy loads or cars parked for long periods of time in one spot are the main culprit for causing divots. Left untreated, the water can wear down your parking lot, shortening its lifespan.


If you have multiple potholes or bubbles all around your parking lot, it suggests your lot may be breaking down. Breakdowns mean that you’ll need to repair your entire lot to keep it up to standard so it’s safe.

Faded Line Marking

Faded line marks are a problem that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Line marking is the only way vehicles and pedestrians know how to maneuver around your parking lot. If the lines begin to fade, they should be redrawn as soon as possible.


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