Tips for Checking Your Parking Lot for Damage after Winter

winter maintenanceAs the weather begins to warm and we welcome spring, the damage that winter’s done to your parking lot will become apparent—or will it? It’s no secret that the freezing temperatures and constant melting and gathers of snow can take their toll on parking lots, but the damage may not be obvious. Carefully inspecting your parking lot for damage after the winter season is over is important so that you’ll catch issues in time to be able to repair them and take note of any warning signs of bigger problems. If you think your parking lot could benefit from a detailed once-over, read these tips on what to do next.

Evaluate the Damage

Understanding the root causes of wintertime damage can offer some insight on how to fix the issue and help prevent it in the future since you’ll know what preventative measures to take. The majority of damage occurs due to the cold temperatures, the freeze/thaw cycle, and the use of chemical melting agents. All of these factors can damage and weaken the surface of your parking lot—salt can even seep into the cracks and corrode the steel rods that reinforce the area. Water can seep into the cracks as well and freeze, making the cracks even wider. Be sure to also check for asphalt or concrete that may be been dislodged by shovels or snow blowers.

Decide between Repair and Replacement

Once you’ve observed and assessed the damage, you’ll have to decide whether it’s repairable or if it’ll need to be replaced. Generally speaking, any crack that’s less that is a quarter of an inch wide should be able to be repaired. However, you’ll need to clean out the debris in and around the crack to be able to tell exactly how big it is.

Hire Professionals

Whether you’ve decided to do repairs or replace sections of your parking lot, you’ll want to hire professionals to help you get the job done. DIY parking lot repairs are passable for a temporary fix, but can end up costing you more in the long run. Contractors will know exactly how to tackle your problem, and give you a lasting solution. Calling a professional is even more important when you’re planning to replace a section, or your entire parking lot. Do your research and find a reputable contractor in the area who you can trust. The last thing you want is to have to do a major overhaul again the next year because your last contractor did a subpar job.

Do Proper Maintenance

Preparing your parking lot for the cold weather by doing some pre-winter maintenance is key. It’ll prolong the life of your concrete or asphalt parking lot, and will prevent you having to do major repairs every year. Removing snow before it comes compacted and forced into cracks and finding an alternative ice-melting product are both great ways to ensure your parking lot isn’t completely destroyed come spring. Pre-winter maintenance will help you avoid costly repairs and replacements in the spring, so be sure to get your routine down before the cold weather hits again!

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