How Winter Weather Can Cause Damage to Your Parking Lot

Winter Maintenance

We’re approaching the middle months of winter. This tends to be the coldest time of the season, and that potentially translates into a lot of damage to your commercial parking lot. For commercial property owners, winter damage is nothing new. Living anywhere in Southern Ontario, you’re accustomed to the winter maintenance that comes with the season.

What’s important is recognizing just how much damage the cold weather can do to your parking lot and figuring out ways to manage the maintenance. There’s much more happening than slippery surfaces. Winter weather can cause some serious wear and tear to your parking lot. We’ll explore some ways winter weather can negatively impact your parking lot below.

Parking Lot Damage in Winter

While we are about to enter the coldest time of the year, here are a few ways winter weather can damage your commercial parking lot.


This is how it all starts. The constant freezing and thawing of the water left by the snow has a major impact on your parking lot. Freezing causes water to expand while the thawing shrinks the water. This activity leads to minor cracks on your property that aren’t a huge problem on their own. However, if they are not attended to quickly, these small cracks can lead to further damage that becomes far more problematic for your property.

Alligator Cracking

Alligator cracking is regular cracking taken to another level. It is named as such because of the way the cracks extend, mimicking the scales of alligators. Again, this is due to excess water seeping through the cracks of your asphalt and getting underneath the surface.


Everyone hates potholes, but commercial property owners likely hate them more than anyone else. They make it difficult for pedestrians to walk and can be dangerous for vehicles driving in and out of the parking lot. Potholes are essentially the result of not attending to cracks before they expand. The longer the cracks are allowed to fester the larger the potholes will be. Get to them early and avoid the problems. Maintenance is typically a preferred option to full out replacing and area of a parking lot.

Let Lincoln Construction Repair Your Parking Commercial Parking Lot

There’s a lot that can happen to your parking lot over the course of a long Canadian winter. The activity alone wears down the surface, and the cold winter weather only adds to the damage. There are some tips that you can do as a property owner that can slow the damage of your commercial property.

One of the best tips is to clear pools of water as soon as they form. Though you may not think they are doing much harm, we’ve discussed just how much damage water can do to a parking lot. Another great tip is to seal cracks as soon as they appear. Every day a crack is left opened, it becomes harder to fix and eventually expands to the point where it’s not just a simple crack.

Maybe the best thing you can do for your commercial parking lot is to hire professionals. Lincoln Construction Group has been active in commercial property maintenance since 1977. We continue to deliver winter maintenance to some of the most highly regarded commercial property owners in the province. If your commercial property is in need of pothole winter maintenance, contact us today.